Saturday, November, 16, 2019 04:52:22
  • Catalyst will allow developers to access Zoho’s exclusive range of frameworks and services.
  • Zoho mentioned that the software will be priced aggressively.

Leading software company Zoho Corporation has recently launched a fullstack serverless application called Catalyst which is specifically aimed at developers. Zoho claims that the software is an easy to use yet powerful applicaiton that allows developers to build and run microservices and applications.

Catalyst evidently grants developers access to the same frameworks and services that power more than 45 Zoho applications used by around 45 million users globally.

Apparently, Catalyst has already allowed developers to build applications and services which include a CRM user import, bug-filing bridge, a lead distribution for microservice, and a data-cleaning microservice.

Sources with relevant information stated that Zoho has developed and vertically integrated all the layers of its technological stacks, ranging from applications to infrastructures to operating systems to data centers eventually.

The decade long technological investment which has resulted into a safe, robust and scalable infrastructure is now accessible to the developers.

Zoho’s Chief Evangelist Raju Vegesna was reported saying that the company’s years of experience along with its vision to provide end-to-end solutions has empowered them to create comprehensive pro-code, low-code and no-code tools for a range of business applications.

Reg Horman, Director of IT and Systems for The Pexion Group stated that Catalyst’s latest innovation allows users to quickly develop, test, deploy and support applications without having to worry about global standards, infrastructure, and support.

Catalyst is one of the core serverless strategies of the Pexion Group which provides the company with the flexibility to digitize manufacturing processes, Horman added

For the record, The Pexion Group is a privately owned, world-class precision engineering company with fully accredited production facilities based around the UK. Like other Zoho applications, Catalyst will seemingly be priced competitively and will be available on Zoho’s website.

About Zoho

Zoho Corporation is a pioneering software company which has developed over 45 applications in addition to a variety of productive and collaborative tools for almost every major business sector.

Zoho is 7,000 strong privately-owned firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company’s international headquarters are located in Chennai, India.

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