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North America phosphate esters market to accrue substantial proceeds by 2025

North America phosphate esters market, driven by the U.S., is expected to exhibit CAGR of over 7.5% over 2018-2025. The North America triaryl phosphate esters industr is anticipated to capture close to $350 million by 2025. Moreover, huge expenditure in R&D and technologically advanced industrial equipment in U.S. is expected to augment the phosphate esters industry growth over 2018-2025.

The use of non-halogenated phosphorus esters has come to be increasingly used in North America and Asia Pacific where there is an abundance of industrial activities that employ phosphorus esters in various procedures. Increasing activity recoded in the modern construction systems and increasing property renovation projects has added a remarkable impetus to the phosphate esters market growth. The intrinsic fire retarding property of phosphorus esters has earned the compound widespread application in film and cables, PVC and plastic industries.

The expanding application scope for phosphorus esters – from lubricants to plasticizers has added a potential impetus to phosphate esters market that is expected to surpass $3 billion by 2025.

Triaryl phosphate esters are majorly used in the plasticizers industry as the fire-retardant quality of phosphate esters made them highly compatible for their use in the manufacturing of household products. Various industries also employ alkyl diaryl phosphates and triphenyl phosphates esters as fire resistant hydraulic fluid that are used in hydraulic systems of aircraft flight control system, aircraft carriers, excavators, hydraulic brakes, lifts, power steering systems, compressors, turbines and various other machines. Trixylenyl phosphate is a phosphorus ester that is used extensively in production of industrial hydraulic fluids while dibutyl phenyl phosphate is used exclusively as an aircraft hydraulic fluid. The extensive deployment of the product as a base stock substrate will inevitably add a very potent stimulus to the growth of the phosphate esters industry over 2018-2025.

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Triaryl phosphate ester accounted for 40% of the phosphate esters market as it has been widely accepted as a synthetic polyolester base stock due to its good anti-wear properties and excellent oxidation stability. The trialkyl phosphate esters industry is also expected to grow rapidly due to its rust and corrosion inhibition properties – indeed, estimates claim that the trialkyl phosphate esters industry size will surpass $400 million by 2025. Trialkyl phosphate esters are largely used in compressor oils, engine oils, piston oils and gear oils as emulsifying, antifoaming and anti-wear agents.

Fire retardants accounted for 20% of the phosphate esters industry revenue share in 2017. Use of phosphate esters as hydraulic fluid is also anticipated to add major revenue gains to the phosphate esters market by 2025 – indeed, phosphate esters industry from hydraulic fluids is anticipated to cross $500 million. This is mainly due to the fact that fusion prototyping and miniaturization of consumer and industrial goods has led to the increased use of hydraulics which in turn means increased presence of hydraulic fluids on any industrial floor.

Since a rupture in a hydraulic line can cause a significant fire hazard, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids are highly preferred in most industries. For instance, phosphate ester hydraulic fluids are extensively used in hydraulic doors on blast furnaces, aircraft catapult systems, in steam turbine control fluid used for electricity generation and flight deck elevators.

Phosphate esters market is a highly competitive one due to a large number of industry participants like BASF SE, Clariant, Lanxess, Eastman chemical company, Solvay, Akzo Nobel, Elementis PLC, Daihachi chemical company, Israel Chemical Ltd. besides various others.