Tuesday, October, 15, 2019 04:50:13

North America agricultural adjuvants market to accrue lucrative gains by 2025

The North America agricultural adjuvants market would be witnessing unprecedented growth over 2018-2025, driven by the considerable volumes of insecticides & herbicides distributed across Canada & the United States. The growing level of awareness among the region’s farmers regarding the benefits of utilizing the products in the agriculture sector would also be driving the growth of the North America agricultural adjuvants industry.

Powered by the availability of a plethora of product types specifically designed for different crops, North American agricultural adjuvants market size is projected to cross $800 million by 2025.

The APAC agricultural adjuvants market is expected to grow at an unprecedented level with volumes expected to cross the 170-kiloton threshold by 2025. The climate in the APAC region is extremely favorable for growing a significant number of different crops with rice, wheat & sugarcane being some of the most grown crops in the region. Moreover, with the region being home to more than 60% of the world’s population, where the agriculture sector is one of the biggest industries, the demands for agricultural adjuvants are expected to keep on increasing.

The growing demand for sustainable crop protection across the agriculture sector is one of the crucial factors driving agricultural adjuvants market growth. The enforcement of new regulations, such as the National Action Plan, that is being introduced by the members of the European Union will also play a vital role in promoting sustainable implementation of crop protection products in the agriculture sector.

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Organosilicone is one of the most crucial chemical groups in the agricultural adjuvants industry. Organosilicones are basically onionic surfactants that have no ionic charge and are biodegradable and hydrophilic in nature, very well-suited with a plethora of agrochemicals. Indeed, the compound also helps in lowering the surface tension until the droplets from herbicide form a thin veneer over the surface of the crop’s leaf. Undeniably, attributing to these properties, organosilicone-based agricultural adjuvants industry is projected to generate over $500 million by 2025.

Agricultural adjuvants primarily find applications in insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. As per estimates, herbicides are expected to account for more than 50% of the agricultural adjuvants industry size by 2025, given that agricultural adjuvants are commonly used in POST applications in order to help overcome leaf surface barriers and help facilitate herbicide movement into the leaf cells. Adjuvants are also known to enhance herbicide spreading, wetting, leaf & canopy adhesion & penetration, further expediting the agricultural adjuvants market size from herbicides.

Another application that is likely to emerge prominent is that of fungicides. Reports claim that agricultural adjuvants market share from fungicides will register a CAGR of 5% over 2018-2025, powered by the fact that adjuvants help enhance the efficiency of fungicides.