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Medical bed market 2018 Global Analysis, Opportunities And Forecast To 2025

Medical bed market is likely to witness remarkable growth prospects over the forthcoming years, pertaining to the increasing awareness among medical practitioners to provide optimal care to patients by deploying effective and comfortable bedding systems. Comfort being one of the major concerns among the patients with regards to faster healing, most hospitals have been attempting to install extremely comfortable beds and related equipment, especially amidst the backdrop of innuendos that the lack of comfortable mattresses leads to loss of lives.

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Common incidence of issues like central nervous system diseases, head injuries, hemorrhages or cerebrovascular accidents have seemingly driven the need for acute care inpatient services. The requirement for acute care beds has subsequently increased in hospitals and ambulatory clinics, with numerous establishments in North America even boasting of separate divisions dedicated to acute illnesses and surgeries. Distinct factors pertaining to people’s lifestyle lead to the occurrence of various disorders like appendicitis or strangulated hernias in adults, showing the importance for emergency hospitalization facilities and adequate patient capacity. It was reported that annually, over 300,000 people in the U.S. with appendicitis undergo appendectomy, indicating extensive growth potential for the acute care medical beds market in the region.

Generally, acute care surgery does not necessitate long-term treatment and requires a patient to stay only for a short duration, for an average of 11 days according to the National Outcomes Measurement System. They also entail lesser cost for patients and allow doctors to provide more focused treatment and rehabilitation services. Elderly people, being most vulnerable to several diseases, represent a key target base for healthcare product manufacturers. It has been estimated that adults who are 65 years or above would be accounting for more than 20% of the U.S. population by 2030, affirming the need for improving geriatric patient care and likely increase in the demand for medical beds for elderly over the next few years.

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The Saudi Arabian government has also planned Vision 2030 to enhance healthcare services by privatizing public hospitals. In fact, it has called upon many foreign and local investors to rationalize the healthcare spending under the National Transformation Program. Increasing governmental funding for the development of new medical centers, growing privatization, and numerous advancements in existing healthcare bedding systems are thus certain to push medical bed market share noticeably.
Medical bed market growth has been primarily influenced by the significant benefits of this product, a couple of which have been elaborated below:

  • Side railings: Side rails are primarily provided to avoid accidental rolling out of patient from the bed. They also help patients get in and out of bed very easily.
  • Height regulation: It is one of the notable benefits of medical beds as designed ability to raise and lower the height of the bed, which provides comfort and flexibility to patients and caregivers, thereby impacting medical bed market demand.
  • Ease of moving: Owing to the incorporation of wheels, it is easier to move the bed from one location to other with less effort.

Undeniably, on account of its extensive advantages, hospitals and medical care centers have been giving preference to these beds. Indeed, hospitals are said to have accounted for a mammoth 65% of the overall medical bed market share in 2018, driven by the extensive number of surgical procedures which patients prefer to undergo in hospitals. In response, major participants in medical bed market have been striving to develop advanced and innovative beds in order to fulfill the surging product demand. The contribution of these companies, in the forthcoming years, will certainly propel medical bed industry size to greater heights.

All in all, the North America medical beds market is poised to witness significant growth from the augmented demand for acute care beds and escalating number of older patients. The global industry, which is anticipated to surpass US$4 billion in annual revenues by 2025, is comprised of key manufacturers and medical beds supplies such as Stryker, Antano Group, Besco Medical, Gendron, Hard Manufacturing, GF Health Products, Invacare and Midmark.

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