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The Indian sub-continent has lately been depicting a robust demand for energy, on the grounds of which India dry type transformer market has traversed an exponential growth path in recent years. As per reliable estimates, between 2000 and 2012, the energy demand in India had grown from 450 million tons of oil equivalent to 770 million tons of oil equivalent (toe). By 2030, this energy demand is projected to be between 1250 to 1500 million tons of oil equivalent. With such a phenomenal rise in energy demand, it is rather overt that India dry type transformer industry will witness major progress, given that these transformers find wide applications due to the ease of installation and safety of use.

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Dry type transformers are renowned for their low maintenance profile and years of trouble-free service. Unlike liquid type transformers, these transformers do not need oil or liquid dielectric for cooling, and incidentally, they also use environment-friendly high temperature insulation systems. In a country where the number of public sector buildings are increasing at an exponential rate, the safe and convenient installation and usage of dry type transformers is rather pivotal – a requirement that has provided substantial impetus to India dry type transformer industry. The deployment of these devices in multi storied buildings, schools, underground tunnels, hospitals and factories, places where fire safety is a major concern, has indeed provided a slew of growth avenues for India dry type transformer industry.

India dry type transformer market size has also witnessed massive growth on account of the fact that these transformers have low installation costs and practically zero restrictions regarding the installation site – they can be installed indoors or outdoors. Dry type transformers are essentially air cooled, as the cooling ducts in the windings allow easy dissipation of heat, making them eco-friendly, and essentially augmenting the revenue graph of India dry type transformer market. Deploying these transformers indicates taking a step towards reducing the country’s carbon footprint, one of the major battles that every nation is fighting in recent times.

Speaking of the installation site, it is vital to know that outdoor dry type transformers often have to face hostile environmental conditions and have to be periodically cleaned to maintain their output and performance. Thus, due to rising space constraints, India dry type transformer market has witnessed a rise in indoor installations. These devices are also preferred due to the protection an indoor location provides against moisture, dirt and corrosive fumes. In consequence, it has been estimated that the infrastructure development industry, on which the Indian government has expended billions of dollars, is a major contributor toward India dry type transformer market expansion.

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In 2017, the Modi government declared its decision to launch a scheme that would provide 24×7 electricity to the country, including the remotest locations. The declaration also stated that the required subsidies will be provided on meters, wires and transformers. Regional experts, in this regard, have gone on record to state that this scheme will have a major impact on the growth map of India dry type transformer industry, given that these devices would be in massive demand henceforth, in order to fulfill the government’s mission. The government also aims at utilizing clean energy sources which will indirectly benefit India dry type transformer market as the product’s cooling method is comparatively eco-friendlier than its liquid-cooled counterparts.

Besides providing power solutions to the villages that still do not have access to electricity, the Indian government will also have to provide power to the exponentially expanding urban centers of India, where the population is increasing by the day and the demand for power across the industrial, commercial and residential arenas has been depicting robust growth. As per a research study, India dry type transformer market size has been pegged at over 20,000 units in terms of volume, by 2024.

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India dry type transformer market research report includes in-depth coverage of the industry with estimates & forecast in terms of Units and USD from 2013 to 2024, for the following segments:

India Dry Type Transformer Market, By Core

  • Closed
  • Shell
  • Berry

India Dry Type Transformer Market, By Technology

  • Self-air
  • Air blast

India Dry Type Transformer Market, By Product

  • Open wound
  • Cast resin
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI)
  • Vacuum Pressure Encapsulated (VPE)