Friday, December, 06, 2019 09:11:59

Grab launches beta version of pet transportation service in Singapore

Grab has declared that it has been training more than a hundred of its driver-partners in handling of pets and will be training more drivers in time for the official launch of the service.

Grab, the Singapore based ride hailing company recently announced that it is launching a beta version of its GrabPet service which will allow pet owners to bring their animal companions on board by booking a Grab ride on-demand.

The company revealed in an official press release that all Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore approved pets will be allowed on its taxis and a fare of S$14 will be charged for its services. However birds will not be included in the list of pets. GrabPet will also provide insurance for the animal on board.

According to the specifications of the service, one pet of over 41cm in length or a maximum of two pets both within 41cm in length will be allowed in the taxi. While dogs can wither be leased or carried in crates, cats and guinea pigs have to be compulsorily transported in crates.

Grab has declared that it has been training approximately hundreds of its driver-partners in handling of pets and will be training more drivers by the official launch of the service. The company reported that every GrabPet vehicle will be modified to include adjustable leash and foldable back seat cover. Drivers will be responsible for maintaining the cars and making them suitable for regular passengers with the use of microfiber towels and air fresheners.

Lim Kell Jay, head of Grab Singapore, has been reported to say that Grab has worked diligently to launch GrabPet and has been careful enough to include the pet insurance element. He added that Grab is aware of the challenges faced by pet owners in transporting their pets due to the availability of limited options in the market and is therefore excited to launch GrabPet. He said that Grab would welcome feedback from passengers as well as driver-partners on the new service so as to improve it for all users.

Depending on their membership tier, GrabPet passengers would also be entitled to six GrabRewards points for every dollar spent on the ride.