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Glutamine market  may see a significant growth over the forecast timeframe. Growth in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry owing to increasing health care expenditure and changing lifestyle may foster product demand. The rising usage of glutamine in pharmaceutical application such as nerve pain, diarrhea, swelling and pain inside mouth after cancer treatment may drive the overall market.

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Glutamine is an alpha-amino acid found naturally in human muscles, about 61% of the skeletal muscles is made up of glutamines, it consists of 19% nitrogen hence acts as the primary nitrogen carrier in muscle cells. It is found naturally in high protein dietary sources like beef, chicken, fish, sprouts and dairy products. It is synthesized by the help of glutamic acid and ammonia.

L-glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, it supports intestinal health and improves immune system of body. It aids in improving the symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and also boosts immune cell activity in gut which averts infection and inflammation and helps in soothing of intestinal tissues.

D-glutamine is the D enantiomer of glutamine, it is a non-essential amino acid, found abundantly in human body and is involved in metabolic activities. Its major application is to transport nitrogen throughout the body which also act as energy source for some cells.

Growth in pharmaceutical sector owing to change in eating habits and increasing number diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity and alzheimer are the key factors which may foster the product demand. The global pharmaceutical revenue was valued at over USD 1.2 trillion in 2018. The product is used to cure cancer and AIDS treatment side effects including pain and swelling in mouth, nerve and muscle joint paint. It is also used in cystinuria, sickle cell anemia, anxiety, insomnia and digestive system problems like stomach ulcers thereby stimulating the industry growth.

Rising health and fitness awareness and increasing trends towards muscle building may drive the supplements market. The product is used in muscle building supplements owing to its superior properties which act as building block of proteins and improves immune system thereby driving the product demand.

Growth in personal care and cosmetic industry owing to rising income level and increasing trends towards grooming and demand for personal care products are the key factors which may drive the overall market demand. Glutamine is used in baby products, bath products, cleansing products and skin conditioning products as it aids in regeneration of cells. Furthermore, glutamine also helps in neutralizing harmful toxins and free radicals owing to its antioxidant properties, thereby increasing product demand.

North America market led by Canada and the U.S glutamine market size is expected to account a significant growth in the foreseeable timeframe. Rising fitness trends among millennials and increasing number of fitness centers are the key factors driving the product market. U.S. protein supplement market may surpass USD 6 billion by 2025. The product is used as a protein supplement owing to its superior properties which includes metabolism, anti-catabolism and cell volume increasing capability. Bodybuilders are prone to illness owing to intense workout which depletes their glutamine levels, thus they consume the product which replenish their depleted level and also boost their immune system thereby stimulating the regional product demand.

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Europe driven by Italy, UK, France and Germany glutamine market demand may see a significant growth in forecast timeframe. Increasing personal care market owing to growing trends towards healthy lifestyle may drive the product demand. In 2018, consumers spent at over USD 42 billion on personal care products in UK. Increasing demand for anti-aging creams in the region may drive the overall product growth as glutamine aid in reversing aging effects by increasing collagen production within the skin, thereby increasing regional product demand.

Asia pacific led by India, Japan and China glutamine market is expected to gain a significant growth during forecast period. Increasing number of cancer patients owing to rising smoking and alcohol intake may drive the product market size. In 2018, cancer accounted at over 7.5 lakhs deaths in India. The product is utilized to counter aftereffects of cancer treatment process, like nerve pain, joint pain, swelling in mouth and diarrhea, it also used for recovery after bone marrow transplantation, thereby driving the product demand.