Saturday, December, 14, 2019 01:38:53
  • Ford Smart Mobility LLC is reportedly taking over Journey Holding and will assimilate its services with Ford-owned technology solution provider, TransLoc for advanced mobility operations.
  • The serving CEO of Journey Holding Justin Rees would be appointed as the CEO of the newly combined transport technology solutions organization.
  • The new company will hasten Ford’s distribution of transportation solutions with transit operations.

The US based, Ford Motor Company has reportedly announced the acquisition of Journey Holding Corporation to furnish its allegiance to deliver integrated solutions which support cities and their transportation systems.

It has been claimed that the acquired company, Journey Holding Corp., will integrate its services with Ford Smart Mobility’s TransLoc which is a provider of technology solutions for on-demand and static route systems for public and private transit operations.

As per authentic sources, the current CEO of Journey Holding, Justin Rees would be leading the new processes here at a newly combined organization.

Brett Wheatley, Vice President of Ford Mobility Marketing and Growth was reportedly quoted stating that there is an urgent need to develop safe and seamless transportation for the cities around the globe. The merging of the two transit companies, FSM and Journey holding will catalyze the company’s efforts for the cities to help simplify the transportation solutions to its citizens and the visitors.

Reportedly, the newly formed organization combinedly serves nearly over 1200 cities, universities, corporate places and other firms with software solutions for fixed route conveyance.

One of the main intelligent transportation system providers of North America, Journey Holding was formed in the year 2018 as the result of a union between Indianapolis-based Double Map Incorporation and Ride Systems LLC.

The name of the merged organization as well as the acquisition terms have not yet been disclosed.

Michigan headquartered Ford Motor Company is a global company involved in the designing, manufacturing, and marketing and servicing of a full line of mobility solutions.

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