Saturday, December, 14, 2019 01:40:05

Bourbon and PEUGEOT Design Labs team up to design new crew boat cabins

  • Bourbon to leverage PEUGEOT Design Lab expertise to design new cabins for their crew boats.
  • New cabins would come in three different comfort levels; Premium Class, Business, and Eco.

Bourbon Mobility (Bourbon), a leader in marine services for offshore gas and oil has reportedly signed an agreement with PEUGEOT Design Lab, one of the oldest companies in industrial and automobile design with an experience of more than 200 years, to design and produce new cabins for Bourbon crew boats.

Sources claim, the new cabins would come in three different comfort levels; Premium Class, Business, and Eco. Moreover, the first crew liner vessel that is being built is 36 meters long and will have 46 business class seats in it.

The announcement supposedly comes after Bourbon CEO, François Lesle’s proposed the idea of finding an innovative way of making marine travel luxurious; taking inspiration from the aviation industry. PEUGEOT designers have come up with a cabin layout that ensures optimal passenger safety while offering ergonomic storage and comfort seats.

The cabins would boast of comfort levels same as that of business class in a limited offshore environment. Seats are equipped with deep headrests, vertical supports and calf rests as well. Moreover, seats have significant legroom, can recline and cushions to reduce engine vibrations when travelling. Cabins also boast of large windows that would allow for increased brightness.

Every ceiling has a cold storage with USB slots behind each chair. Cabin is designed with smooth metals and warm, light wood for a visual identity with light and dark blue giving a nod to the sea.

The CEO of Bourbon mobility, Francois Lesle said that they want to establish a new standard for comfort of offshore transport inspired by aviation industry. Lesle further stated that they chose Peugeot due to their expertise in interior design and industrial development, specifically in the field of maritime and transport.

According to reports, financial terms of the partnership agreement have not been unveiled by both parties as of yet.

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