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Beer Stabilizers Market Emerging Trends, Strong Application Scope, Size, Status, Analysis and Forecast to 2024

The global beer stabilizers market has been assuming a rather important role in the beverage industry since a while now, though its popularity has been quite appreciable ever since its inception. Valued at over $45 million in 2017, beer stabilizers market has been growing at a commendable rate primarily based on the fact that these products are used to remove biological and chemical haze from the beverage and enhance its shelf life. The process is an extremely important step in beer production as it helps maintain the beer’s microbiological stability and facilitates head retention.

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Beer stabilizers also help in maintaining the beverage’s original flavor and keep it from going stale, thus significantly increasing shelf life without sacrificing on the taste. This further allows manufacturers to produce beer in larger quantities as they do not have to fret much about flavor attenuation and product lifespan.

It is anticipated that the expansion of the global beer market – that is growing rapidly due to growing customer demands brought on by rise in disposable income and population growth across the world, would be further propelling the beer stabilizers market growth as beermakers around the world continue to ramp up production to match the growing demands.

The APAC alcohol industry is apparently a booming market – in fact, according to the 2018 Alcohol Strategies in Asia conference, APAC is the world’s fastest growing market for the consumption of alcohol and accounts for over 30% of the world’s cumulative alcohol sales with beer taking up a major portion of the sales. Beer is anticipated to maintain its position as one of the bestselling alcoholic beverages in the region as the industry witnesses further growth. According to a report by Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), APAC is the largest consumer of the beer industry and is further expected to be responsible for over 50% of the industry’s growth in upcoming years. This indeed, is the most pivotal factor that would be fueling the expansion of APAC beer stabilizers market.

Moreover, the craft culture – though in its infancy – has recently begun to pick up significant amount of steam in Asia. The segment, significantly prominent across Europe and America utilizes beer stabilizers to help maintain a consistent batch quality. Beer stabilizers are one of the main factors responsible for the expansion of craft culture and are anticipated to play a crucial role in the growth of the APAC beer stabilizers industry, projected to register a valuation of USD 21 million by 2024.

An already developed beer market, Europe is anticipated to contribute massively to the overall growth of the global beer stabilizers industry, on account of the rising disposable income that is responsible for increased consumer spending capacity and the availability of different alcoholic beverage variations that cater to a varied demographic. After China, the European Union (EU) is touted to be the second largest producer of beer in the world with over 6500 active breweries in the region.

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According to Eurostat over 41 billion liters of alcoholic beer was produced in the EU in 2017 which is 2.5 billion liters more than the 2016 production numbers. This growing rate of beer production also provides a significant boost to the growth of the beer stabilizers market in Europe. Germany was the continent’s top beer producer in 2017 and was responsible for producing over 20% (8.1 billion liters) of the total EU production making the nation a leading contributor in the regional beer stabilizers market. As per estimates, Europe beer stabilizers market is expected to witness a modest CAGR of 5% over 2018-2024

Attributing to the extensive beer production numbers, the revenue graph of the beer stabilizers market will continue to depict an exponential growth. The demand for enhanced lifespan and flavor consistency in beer production is projected to alter the global beer stabilizers market dynamics over the forthcoming years.